Bookmark featuring Barbara Browning's quote 'A book is a love letter to a Dear Reader who will never get it. But somebody else will.' from Amaranth Borsuk's The Book website ( Stitched 2018. 

Handmade book featuring Vanessa Skantze's quotes 'In that moment where no one had to be anything anymore. Just there.' and 'I will continue, bearing the sorrow and cultivating the sweetness, reminding myself to love what I love.' from Selkie (2018), Red Mare. Stitched 2019. 

Pillow featuring P.A. Skantze's quote 'a world dependent on the reciprocity of making precious and letting go' from Stillness in Motion in the Seventeenth Century Theatre (2003), Routledge.

In November 2017 I attended performance collective High Fidelity's annual festival. I was invited to perform a 7 minute intervention in response to a provocation from River Bullock, who is a PhD candidate in Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. River’s provocation called for us to consider how we might care for one another within the possibilities for affective community provided by sonicity and movement. For my intervention I sat and stitched a small vine in the corner of the recently finished pillow featuring P.A. Skantze’s quote. As I stitched I sang a song I had written in response to Jennifer Nash’s article Practicing Love: Black Feminism, Love-Politics, and Post-Intersectionality. The chorus of this song is “So this is a love letter to myself, I promise I will love you like I love everybody else. This is a love letter to my friends, I promise I will care for you again and again and again.” In singing this song as I stitched I sought to frame my act of stitching as a practice of care or love, for both myself and  the recipient of the work.

Above black and white photos (c) Blonski Cruz 2017. You can find more of his work on his website here:

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Participatory embroidery performance at the Found Performance Undisciplinary Symposium at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, June 2018. 

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Stuart Wood and Alex Mermikides for the Centre for Medical Humanities: "The symposium was documented and accompanied by Storm Greenwood, an artist who works with the slow careful method of embroidery. Delegates too were given the opportunity to embroider, mark and then gift a handkerchief.  And embroidery, threading, interweaving and gifting became pertinent metaphors for a symposium that brought together those whose research and practice straddles and blurs the arts and medicine, healthcare and humanities." 

Read more about the day and the other amazing offerings at here.


Stitched and hand printed panel featuring quotes from Nancy K. Miller's My Brilliant Friends (2019), including quotes from Nancy K. Miller, Carolyn Heilbrun, Naomi Schor and Dianne Middlebrook. Stitched 2020. 

Hand stitched paper room (watercolour paper, embroidery thread and watercolour paints) featuring quotes from the work of Helene Cixous. This is one of the twelve paper rooms that form the installation aspect of my practice-as-research project The House That Text Built (2018). The project has two main components; the first is an embroidered paper house and the second was an accompanying essay in which I wrote through the house and toward the scholars whose work was embroidered into each of the twelve rooms. 


Painting featuring citations from ashon t crawley's instagram page, 2020. September 2020. 


Painting featuring citations from Butoh performer Vanessa Skantze's yoga practice, 2020. September 2020. 

Manuscript featuring quote from Ashon Crawley's 'The Lonely Letters' (Duke University Press, 2020). Stitched 2020 as part of an ongoing practice-as-research project on devotional citation. 


Painting and embroidery featuring citation from P.A. Skantze, Moving Home at Hayward Gallery, London (2012). November 2020.

Work in progress photos

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