I also have a YouTube channel where I post a mixture of original songs and covers. This is the music video for my original song 'Devastated'. You can find more of my videos here.


‘Fragments of Home’ is a spoken word film consisting of a series of prose poems layered over the visual of my daily walks between Trout Lake and Lakewood Drive in spring 2019. Whilst the text explores my relationship to the word home through a series of vignettes, the video seeks to place my multiplicitous sense of self in the visual realm of my walks.   



My debut album, Songs of Storm Greenwood was released on 1st December 2020. Recorded live at Brighton Electric Studios, the album features 12 new songs. 

You can buy the album on iTunes or Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud

My sophomore EP 'Devotions' was released in December 2017 and tells a tale of homecoming and heartbreak. On this EP I made the conscious decision to write openly about my experiences of love as a queer woman. 

You can buy the EP on iTunes or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud

"Gentle, lilting and heartfelt, Storm's music is a joy to listen to." - DIVA Magazine

My debut EP 'The Wilderness' was released in 2016. The final track 'Here I Am' was written and performed for feature film 'Ava's Impossible Things' (Soul Kiss Films), which premiered at Outfest in 2016. 

You can buy the EP on iTunes or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud

"With such beautiful and delicate vocals, anything other than one instrument would take away from the intense listening experience" - HURD music

'A Little Broken' from my debut EP The Wilderness is featured in this short film by the Gay Women Channel.